Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pamela Gorman Brings The Big Guns To Arizona

Via Ace, who has more there.

It's a crowded primary with seven people having their hat in the ring, including Ben Quayle (son of former VP, Dan Quayle) and Vernon Parker.

After seeing an interview with Ben Quayle, let's just say that if there is someone for everyone then Ben's ideal someone would be Meghan McCain.

I was able to contacted her about the issues that mattered. What were the guns she used.

The footage that was in the video was of four firearms that belong to a friend who is nice enough to take folks out shooting now and then. All very cool and none belong to me. Here's the rundown on what we shot that you saw.

1928 A1 Thompson sub-machine gun
(Military version used by Navy and Marines in 1928 and used extensively in WWII by allied forces). It is not the 1921 earlier model made famous by mobsters. (shoots .45 ACP)

1911 .45 ACP (All Colt Products)
First used in WWI, still used by military today.

Smith and Wesson .44 Magnum model 29 (Dirty Harry made this one famous).
[I had asked if it was a Colt Python. It looked similar at a distance]

AR 15 Carbine. Shorter lighter weight version of the AR 15, semi-automatic only. It shoots 223 Remington

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  1. And the personal gun she carries is a Glock .45