Monday, July 19, 2010

These Were Innovative When They Were Winnebagos

Who says free enterprise is dead? All you need to do is build a glorified travel trailer and call it a "Sustained Living Tiny Home".

He shows off his house travel trailer in greater detail here.

Luckily, there is a shower after all. Right above the toilet so it's like a walk in bidet.

And at roughly $40,000, it's hardly a bargain compared to these other, larger houses travel trailers.

Obviously, he needs someplace with water hookup. A series of friend's homes where he can use their garden hose while he is parking his house travel trailer in their driveway. Until they get tired of him and he has to move.

I don't want to know what he does for sewage.

He said it himself that many people are buying them as play and guest houses in their backyard. People who can afford to spend that much on a 'toy' aren't worried about downsizing anytime soon.

It's fine and dandy for him. He's choosing to live there. Many people can't.

People in occupations such as mechanics, carpenters and other tradesmen can have up to several thousand dollars worth of tools. A 6' x 20' house travel trailer won't secure their tools. Unless that's all there is inside of the trailer. Then it's a storage trailer.

The house travel trailer obviously doesn't lend itself to families either. Some of his larger houses travel trailers may. I've looked but couldn't see the plans on any of them other than the one house travel trailer shown.

He can call it a tiny house all he wants but be real. It is a glorified travel trailer. If that's his version of sustainable living then my in-laws practice sustainable living every winter by traveling down to Texas. Entire communities in Arizona thrive on sustainable living throughout the winter.

An old concept repackaged with a new name and labeled 'green' doesn't make living in a trailer any more appealing. Regardless of the cost.

P.S. Just realized I made it all the way through this without a single tornado in a trailer park joke.

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  1. for 45 grand + I'm buying a full on travel trailer with full slide outs and a big boy bathroom.....but very cute idea in a doll house kind of way