Thursday, July 29, 2010

Yeah, This Movie Might Be A Little Controversial

Equating modern day welfare to slavery? You betcha. It rewards welfare recipients who stay in the system in exchange for votes. It's a form of willful slavery. Voluntary servitude, if you will.

It's needing to be said.

Go to Runaway Slave for more.

Thanks to Mickey.

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  1. Now, because of sound issues, I cannot hear the thing so haven't watched it. However, I have heard this thought before, and to a greater extent, subscribe to it. Were you serious in suggesting it would be controversial? Then again, perhaps only some of us have ever heard this theory? It has, however, been around for a very long time, a decade or two for sure and maybe even since the 70's (or before?). I realize there were thoughts about things back into the first recorded history that sometimes hit home today, and I have only scratched the merest of the surface of that.