Thursday, August 5, 2010

Republican Scandal That's Shocking! Marcela Hoeven Bikini Scandal That Is Scandalous! And Shocking!

Or something.

So who is Marcela Hoeven you may ask? Only the daughter of John Hoeven who happens to be running for Senate in North Dakota.

Robert Stacy has more about the Scandal!!!

Three years ago, when a North Dakota political blog reported that Marcela, 23 at the time, had a modeling portfolio online, the photos disappeared the next day. The existence of this lone remaining photo (posted at a North Dakota State University student forum) was brought to my attention by a source who asked my opinion as a communications professional: Is this a scandal?

Short answer: Of course not.

A scandal would be hearing about Joe Biden's daughter snorting lines of cocaine at a party. Shocking would be John Edwards stooping his whore mistress while his cancer stricken wife was on her death bed. A shockingly good scandal would be news that Barack Obama spent twenty years in a church where the pastor preached how AIDS was invented by the white man and 9/11 was perpetrated by the Jews.

A twenty three year old model in a bikini isn't a scandal by a long shot.

Updated: At The Camp Of The Saints and The Daily Gator are trying to figure out if this is a shocking scandal or a scandalous shocker. But neither of them have yet to ask the question that matters: Who is Taylor Schilling?

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