Thursday, September 16, 2010

Exclusive: The Cover Art To Karl Rove's New Book

Rove is a numbers and strategist type of guy to some degree. But he is also an entrenched Republican Party guy too. Which may explain his temper tantrum the last couple of days. To paraphrase Rush, I’ve never heard him as agitated against a Democrat as he was against Christine O’Donnell.

It's his job to tell the numbers. But as a Republican, he's also needed to keep his mouth shut about all the "Nutty" lies that are being spread about Christine O'Donnell. Say something like "She'll need to work hard to close the gap in the poll numbers." The election is in November. There is time for her to do that. What you don't do is give the Democrats soundbites to use in a commercial.

I would give him a little bit of credit but I'm certain this wasn't planned. His tirade on Sean Hannity helped O'Donnell into her million plus money bomb. I don't think he was smart enough pull that off. Especially in light of him trying to talk the Tea Party backers into switching their support from O'Donnell to Mike Castle.

Elections has consequences. This time out, it happened to be Mike Castle on the blunt end of the ballot box.

Thanks to Sinistar over at Conservatives 4 Palin for the book cover.

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