Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hey Dave, Where You Have You Been?

These things aren't going to post themselves you know.

As other priorities present themselves, time spent blogger is one of the first things upon the alter of the clock. Soccer practice for my children, college semester rolling on for me and trying to keep our humble house in order seem to come first in my wife's eyes for some odd reason.

I'll do what I can to keep this going. Find something else to give up to help manage my time. Maybe personal hygiene.


In an effort to add a touch of class to the place, I thought some Sarah Chang playing Vivaldi would do the trick. Besides, it's appropriate. Its his Autumn Concerto.

And she's more than just a pretty face. No matter how many times I listen to this next song, it still amazes me. Don't let the first half fool you. Listen to the entire piece.

That is all the elegance and class for now. I'll get back to the usual stream of dick jokes and incoherent thoughts tomorrow.

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