Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Finally, Local Press Has Brought Up Bob Etheridge's Assault. Vote Renee Ellmers!

Over 4 months ago, WRAL barely touched on Bob Etheridge's assault (what else would you call it?). Now with less than a week to the elections, it's being brought up again. And rightfully so.

In June, a video released on the Internet showed seven-term Congressman Bob Etheridge engaged in a sidewalk confrontation with a man in Washington, D.C. He grabbed the arm and then the neck of the man, who refused Etheridge's repeated demands to identify himself as he and another man videotaped Etheridge and asked if he supported "the Obama agenda."

Etheridge immediately apologized for the incident, but together with the national surge by the Republican Party, the video helped put his opponent, Renee Ellmers, on the campaign map.

The video is "Controversial" because Etheridge is a Democrat. Compare the coverage of this to what a mere supporter of Rand Paul did to a Move On Activist loon.

Renee Ellmer's new ad is posted below:

More: Bob is going "Lean Democrat". He's at risk.

For more information on how Bob assaulted two students:
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