Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm Convinced

How exactly does this persuade anyone?

School Teacher after giving her spiel to the students on trying to reduce their carbon output and a couple of students didn't raise their hand to agree: "It's okay, you can have a difference of opinion. No pressure."

Apathetic Students shrugs shoulders.

School Teacher presses button that blows up Apathetic Students.

Shocked Student: "But you told them no pressure!"

School Teacher: "I did, yes."

Shocked Student: "And you blew them up anyway? Without warning!"

School Teacher: "This is groupthink. There is no place here in groupthink for another opinion, much less apathy."

Different Shocked Student: "But we could have reasoned with them. Talked to them and argued our point!"

School Teacher, running her finger along the side of the button box: "Are you disagreeing with me?"

Both students shake their head.

School Teacher: "Then consider this your warning. Next time you'll be the ones being mopped into a bucket for a funeral."

WARNING: The video shows adults blowing up children but it's okay. The little brats didn't want to reduce their carbon output so it was reduced for them.

Iowahawk and The Aged P have more.

Picture the same scenario with a different subject. Like abortion.

The teacher is asking if any students might abort their baby if they get pregnant and one or two students raise their hands.


They are vaporized.

Something like that would be disastrous for the Pro-Life crowd. With the mainstream Pro-Lifers disowning the makers of the video and the Pro-Death crowd rushing to use the same video as a wide brush to paint the Pro-Lifers as crazed Taliban suicide bombers.

Not the most effective reasoning behind a rational argument.

But with the 10:10 group, they are people who love despotic regimes, hate dissent and control over the population gives them wet dreams so what else would you expect?

Updated: Added an explanation about the Abortion part. My wife thought it needed to be expanded upon. And dropped "gallon" out of the bucket description. They are British and don't use gallons but liters. That little detail occurred to me late last night.

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