Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More From The Tea Party Convention

The Tea Party has grown up.

They are still an independent group operating on a local level in many aspects but have enough heft to pull off a national convention if needed.  

I talked to a few people, some who didn't want to go on record, about the movement today. One concern was that the Tea Party has moved beyond its humble grassroots starts and has become a bit more automatized.  That was necessary and inevitable though.  It needed to compete with Move On and other George Soros funded activist groups.  

For such a young organization, it's amazing to see how it's grown.

Long before the Tea Party had its name, many people were dissatisfied with how government was working way back in the George W. Bush years. With the growth of government under the Bush years-- coupled with the bail-outs, TARP and the other mini-stimulus**-- that happened, disillusionment was bound to set it among conservative voters. And John "Amnesty" McCain winning the nomination next didn't help either. Many people didn't see much difference between McCain and Obama other than scale and the letter after the names.

It wasn't until Rick Santelli gave his rant and said "tea party" that people were able to rally behind. The Tea Party name had the historical context that anyone with a 4th grade education in history can understand.* Bush heated up the water. Obama brought it to a boil.

Enough about that, pretty much anyone who has been really following the movement knows how it started. I needed something write about and post some more pictures of the event.

Ron Paul.

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, former Sen. George Allen, Jamie Radke of the Richmond Tea Party, U.S. Rep. Steve King of Iowa and former Sen. Rick Santorum.

There was more foreign press at the convention than domestic. Obviously, the local stations covered the event.
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Canada
Suomen Kuvalehti - Finland News Magazine Finland
STT (Finnish National News) and MTV3 (Finnish Television News) Finland
Radio-France (French Public Radio) France
DIE ZEIT (The Time) Germany
German National Radio Germany
ARD German TV Germany
Freie Presse | Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung | Die Rheinpfalz Germany
ZDF German Television Germany
Fuji Television, Japan's largest broacast network, partners with ABC Japan
Horizontes Latino
Dutch TV Netherlands
Russian news portal Russia
RT America Russia
LA GACETA and the magazine ÉPOCA - European Mass Media Intereconomia Spain
Swiss TV - the primary public broacaster for Switzerland Switzerland
The Guardian UK

Thanks to Chuck from the Richmond Tea Party for the listing.

Bitter clingers everywhere you see.

*Unless your name is Gwen Ifill and happen to live in Washington DC. Then you're an ignorant gutter trollop who has cruised through life thanks to affirmative action who can't pick up a historical reference when it slaps her in the face. Much like a pimp slapping his ho because she doesn't have his money.

**It was a mini-stimulus by comparison with today's standards. Again, this highlights the problem with Big Government Republicans. Why vote for someone who will do the job half-assed when you can vote for the liberal and show you how real wasteful spending is done.

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