Friday, November 19, 2010

This Is Welcome News

The official recount is coming to an end and it looks like Renee Ellmers-- baring any suddenly "found" ballot boxes-- will be declared the winner.

Ellmers held a lead of about 1,500 votes out of nearly 190,000 cast in the 2nd Congressional District. She has spent the week in Washington getting oriented with the job in anticipation that she will be declared the official winner.

The State Board of Elections is expected to certify election results at a meeting next Tuesday.

Now Bob "The Chicken Choker" Etheridge will have to throttle strangers as a private citizen instead of as a member of Congress.

Good thing too, I was running out of titles for him. The Streetside Strangler, Noted Chokehold Expert, Neck Wrangler, Sleeper Hold, "Who're You?". . . It can be taxing after a while.

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