Friday, December 3, 2010

One More Follow Up About Christine O'Donnell. . .

Then I'm quitting the navel gazing and moving on.

I'm taking a liberty in saying that most people who vote in the primaries are the people who follow politics with this. Sure, there are the few who vote their civic duty but by and large, they follow this stuff, read blogs and are the more informed segment when it comes to candidates and issues.

Christine O'Donnell was a known quantity to the voters in Delaware. She had ran for Senate numerous times. Even a write-in drive against Joe Biden in 08 (To which he subsequently resigned to be Vice President and hand picked his successor to keep the seat to be in the Democrat column). Yet the voters chose her over Mike Castle, who was an even more well known quantity to the voters who were informed.

And as bad as her perceived flaws were*, she still won the Delaware primary. She was a choice, not an echo.

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*O'Donnell was disorganized more than anything. She would cancel appearances at the last moment when they needed to be made. And never got out in front of the narrative. The messaging always controlled her. Part of it could have been solved with a better candidate and on it goes**. If I invent the sure-fire method of winning elections, I'm charging $75,000 a month for them. A bargain considering GOP strategist Mike Murphy was charging $90,000 in California.

**Mike Castle was the "Better Candidate" but was passed over for O'Donnell. O'Donnell needed to be a better candidate like Mike Castle in order to win the general election. But Castle lost the primary instead. Yes, it's a Cliff's Notes version of what happened and the aftermath in Delaware.

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  1. I didnt find any of the personality or views of COD to be problematic (to me anyway) but it appears that the political reflexes and stage presence is a factor that sunk her and Angle and Buck this year. The didnt hit hard enough soon enough and they didnt react quickly and take advantage of things. Inexperience in politics (COD) (supporting campaign personnel- Angle) and getting sidetracked (Buck) all critical. Sadly COD could have used a pro like Rove helping rather than throwing spitballs at her (he is such a schmuck).