Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Reason # 244,345 To Stop Funding PBS

What the hell, I'm throwing NPR in with this as well. Go big or go home.

Via Doug over at his Gator hangout and News Busters. Go on, watch the video. I'll wait.

The video is from last May but it still doesn't change the stupidity that is Tavis Smiley. If there ever was an affirmative action hire, Smiley is it. And PBS knows it too. Why else would they schedule his show late at night after Nightline is over?

To start with, Smiley grossly asserts that Christians are more responsible for acts of terror "every day" (his words) than Muslim extremists. Then points to himself and says that he's a Christian as well (Which is funny in retrospect. Didn't realize he was admitting he was a terrorist). He then props up Columbine as an example of Christian terrorism.

Except that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold where not Christians (If they were, they weren't acting out In The Name Of The Lord the way Islamic Terrorists scream, "Allah Akbar". A subtle but very important difference). Cassie Bernall was, however. She was shot by one of the two during the Columbine shootings.

Sure, there has been in the past an occasional shooting of an abortion doctor. The important thing to keep in mind is when that has happened, the mainstream Church readily condemns said shootings. And I can't remember when the last one has happened. Almost over ten years ago[See update below]? Compared to other acts of terrorism (really, what other word would fit) that has been committed recently.

I guess you can throw Timothy McVeigh in the domestic terrorism column. He fell under the lone wacko variety rather than religious fanatic. Ted Kaczynski could be placed here to. Except that he was a religious fanatic of the environment. One could even say druid like.

Back to Smiley.

He repeats the lie about Emmanuel Cleaver being called the N-word. With all of the video cameras rolling that day and not one instance of that word being uttered. If it was said, it would have been replayed constantly, digitally processed and every letter pronouncement analyzed. Don't believe me? Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen and Michael Richards would disagree.

That the N-Word was said is a damned, dirty lie and until a video clips shows otherwise, I'm going to keep on saying it's a lie. Because Emmanuel Cleaver is a filthy liar. It was needing to be said.

Anyhoo, I could go on about Smiley's asinine,ignorant and stuttered ramblings but it's like shooting prairie dogs with a .22 rifle. After a while, it gets boring. You need them to line up in order to shoot them two at one time.

The guy from the movie, 'Radio' could do a better job than Smiley and wouldn't need subtitles in order to understand what he was saying.

Sylvester Stallone has better pronunciation in 'The Expendables' than Tavis.

Smiley must have naked pictures of Charlie Rose and Jim Lehrer together someplace. Besides the affirmative action scenario, that's the only possible reason why he has a show on PBS.

He's does what a good houseboy needs to do. Smear conservative groups like the Tea Party in any way he can. He's a liberal tool. Does the public really need to be subsidizing fools and rewarding stupidity like this?

Update and fact check: A small walk back. George Tiller was shot and killed just last year. The late term abortion doctor died at the hands of Scott Roeder. So it was a lot less than ten years ago since the last one.

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