Monday, December 13, 2010

The Top Ten Things John Edwards Said When He Found Out That Elizabeth Edwards Passed Away

10: You know how much this will save me in alimony?

9: Pop the cork, Rielle.

8: I wonder if I can turn this into a book deal?

7: About time. Those medical bill were mounting up.

6: Now I can channel her spirit in closing arguments.


4: If she didn't have the big 'C', I would be going through the big 'D'.

3: Elizabeth who? Oh, right.

2: I wonder who I can sue over this?

And the number one thing John Edwards said when he found out that Elizabeth Edwards passed away: For some reason, I'm going to be portrayed as the bad guy in this.

1 comment:

  1. While quite sad, in way too many ways to really want to ponder, I actually think you have a huge potential for having noted the truth. I will bet, however, that he is already cheating on Rielle with someone (or three) else. It is not just Dem politicians who are like that, but they seem to lead the pack in this. What amazes me is how so many people can keep voting for these types and continue to be or seem to be surprised by the outcomes. "Ow, hitting my thumb with a hammer hurts! Oh, hey, will you hand me that other hammer. I need to check them all."

    A piece of advice, never attend a Dem function and leave a fur coat, your pate, your pet, or even a bowl of jelly unattended. Oh, and never leave your wife out of earshot. Just... sayin'.