Monday, January 24, 2011

George Allen To Run For Senate


Nothing against Allen but I'm not a big fan of rerunning politicians. I would rather inject some new blood into the system. More state level senators and delegates could step up.

And speaking of new blood, Senate Candidate Jamie Radtke had this to say about Allen throwing his hat in:

“It’s been great to hear from conservatives and Tea Party supporters across Virginia who are supporting my run for the U.S. Senate in 2012. They want a new generation of predictable, dependable conservative leader whose positions are clear and straightforward.

“I welcome George Allen to the campaign. Last week I invited Mr. Allen to join me in meeting with the voters in monthly Town Hall meetings around the Commonwealth, and today I am extending that invitation again.

“Twelve years ago when George Allen was running for the U.S. Senate, he pledged his
commitment to a balanced budget, reducing spending and reducing the debt.

“Then he went to Washington and voted for spending measures that increased our national debt by $3.1 trillion and voted for $90 billion in earmarks.

“Now, 12 years later, George Allen is making the same promises again. George Allen must explain his record on deficit and pork barrel spending, as well as gun rights, abortion, and his endorsements of Republicans such as Arlen Specter.

“Senator Allen was part of the Washington establishment, and he still is. If we want to change Washington we need to change the people in Washington, and elect a new generation of strong leadership to the Senate who will make principled decisions. I look forward to proving I am that person for Virginia.”

Dave Weigel and Erick Erickson have more about George Allen's issues.

I'm not endorsing either one yet. There are issues with both. Allen has his history and Radtke has, well, none. But that's what blogs and primaries were invented for, right?

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  1. NBC 12 and Politifact: Give U.S. Senate candidate Jamie Radtke a “true” rating on her claim about George Allen and his votes adding to the Federal Debt. -