Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Think I Need To Do A Mea Culpa

With the name of the blog having the word, 'Gun' in the title. I realized how scary that can be for some people. Considering how the level of rhetoric has risen in these last two years too. I realized that I may have had something to do with it, no matter how few hits I get here. Am I at fault? If I am, here is my attempt to straighten things out after spending a day sorting through about two years worth of posts.

I called for someone to throw a bucket of water on Nancy Pelosi. I'm sure a lot of other people echoed my sentiment but that's still no excuse. Besides, I doubt a bucket of water would do anything to her.

Then there was the time when I said that Chris Matthews needed to be waterboarded. I meant that figuratively.

I interrupted Taylor Swift accepting her People's Choice award to say, "Taylor, I'm going to let you finish but Dick Durbin shouldn't of let Katrina happen." If the green rooms to those events didn't serve booze, that would have never of happened.

In the interest of bipartisanship, I did say that Mike Huckabee needed to go to the ninth circle of hell and suffer it's ironic fate by eating his weight in doughnuts.

And I meant it completely as a metaphor when I said that Keith Olbermann should be sacrificed by Aztec priests to Quetzalcoatl. Not literally have his skin removed all in one piece so that the Aztec high priest could wear it for the ceremony.

As for Paul Krugman, I suggested that someone needed to strip him naked, take him out to the woods, nail his penis to a tree and give him a butterknife and tell him to make his decision. Well, that was only a figure of speech.

Lastly, when I said that Markos Moulitsas needed to be drawn and quartered in the badlands of South Dakota by four chariots speeding off into the four directions and his remains to be burried upside down after everyone pees on him, I meant that as a joke. Haha! Some people have no sene of humor.

So you can see how I might have been at fault. And for that, I apolozise. I'll adjust the level from 11 down to about a 10 from now on out.

Thank you.

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