Monday, January 31, 2011

Is The Politico Targeting Iowahawk?

What does Politico have against Iowahawk or is it just Iowa in general?

The bulleyes on the map should be apparent they are gunning for someone. The question is whom?

And the most pressing of questions, in light of recent events, should Politico be engaging in this violent sort of imagery?  Politico needs to stop now and self-censor themselves should they say anything that may incite a feeble minded reader into doing something like, say, voting for a democrat.

It's for the children.

Update:  I've heard of an instalanche before but does this qualify as a Hawkalanche?

Update II: It's worse than we previously feared.

Update III: What does this have to do with Jon Huntsman?

Update IV: Linked by Transterrestrial Musings.


  1. Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck made them do it.

  2. This time, instead of cursing at the "American Taliban", ya think Kos will instead say "Yeah! Hell Yeah!"?

  3. Nice grouping. 45 calibre. Shots apparently taken while bellyrolling left to right as in a real competition. Couldn't possibly be a liberal since the shooter's wrist is firm and vision is not fogged. Just sayin.

  4. Look like surveyor marks to me.