Thursday, February 10, 2011

Arianna Huffington's Business Plan For Blogging Success

Step 1: Start a blog
Step 2: Have over 6ooo bloggers work for free to provide content.
Step 3: Profit!!!

So let me pass on a message to those 6000 unpaid bloggers. And I'll do what I can to put it into terms so that they can understand:

Bloggers of the Huffington Post, unite!

For far too long, you have toiled gratis under Arianna's watch at her vanity project, The Huffington Post. Where her blog entries can be summed up as 'Current Events' and 'Thoughts From Wherever I'm Vacationing At This Week' while you labored writing the stories that really mattered.

For what, you may ask yourself? For her financial benefit? So she will receive the accolades from her peers? All of it undeserved and all of it while she sat in her pixelated plantation with you out in the data fields, gathering content.

For what did Arianna do to deserve a pay out in the range of 300 million? Write roughly a diary entry a week? And who is to say that she actually wrote them herself?

It was the work of you, bloggers, pounding away at your proverbial typewriters in the hopes the script for Hamlet would materialize. The Huffington Post is yours. You created the content and drew in the commenters. Yet you get no peace of the pie. For 300 million, Arianna can at least supply gift packs of Visine and Tylenol for the computer glare.

Now is the time to come together and stand in a united voice-- in a blogger's paradise-- to let her know that she will no long be able to enjoy the spoils of your labor anymore.

Speaking Truth to Power is no longer acceptable as its own reward, now that Arianna is the Power. In her quest for profit, she sold you out for her own greed. Using you to enrich her to where she is no longer the Bolshevik but an out and out dirty Bourgeoisie. And by working for free for her, you sold her the rope she hung you with.

No more! No more carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist supports! No more eye strain from trying to Google Republican's home addresses. No more organizing bus trips to see Jon Steward in Washington DC. No more stories about Trig Palin being the son of Bristol Palin and not Sarah.

An online strike might not be as effective as a traditional strike with boots standing outside a fence. But when the submission box to Arianna's vanity site slows to a trickle, the editors will have no choice but to listen and pay you what you are deserved.

This is where you bloggers-in-arms need to hold fast. Should any other progressive blogger show any independent thought to move across that line in cyberspace and submit something, anything, make an example out of him or her. Expose their skeletons from they have tried to hide deep in the closet. Publish their parents address where they are living in the basement. And, in the rare case it should actually happen, publish their boyfriend or girlfriends address also. This is how you keep unity in line. This is how peace is kept within the ranks.

Unite for a better blogging tomorrow. Unite for a more fair blogosphere. Unite for a social justice with equal outcomes with regards to blog acquisitions. Go on a strike of the mind and the heart and do not give Arianna the time of day.

It's the social justice way to go.

Edit: Tightened up some of the verbiage from last night.

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