Monday, February 28, 2011

New Tone At Work: Now Threatening News Reporters

You know, when you have lost Jerry Rivers. . .

Also: Via Camp of the Saints and Michelle Malkin, who details how law and order is breaking down in Wisconsin:

The Capitol police had set a deadline this afternoon for the grievance mob to clear out their sleeping bags, crock pots, and other makeshift camp paraphernalia. The occupiers ignored them. The Capitol police then promptly…capitulated. Rest assured, rewarding the breakdown of civil order will lead to more civil disorder.

I have to agree with Bob on this:

The police officers who refused to enforce the order to clear the Capital Building of people should be immediately fired. By their action of solidarity with the Socialist/Communist/Marxist Union Members and out of state hired thugs/protesters, those police have provided aid and comfort to law breakers and, therefore, have violated their sacred oaths to protect and to serve.

If anything, this shows the difference how a Nation of Men behaves as opposed to a Nation of Laws.

Also related: Video of one brave man standing up to crowds of protesters.

Oh my goodness, did I hear a drum circle in the video? Anyway, the man with the Gadsden Flag was correct with his definition of what Fascism is. Not that it mattered to the rest of the protesters.

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