Thursday, February 17, 2011

So It's Come To This: A Statue Of RoboCop In Detroit

Philidelphia has a statue of Rocky, an inspirational tale about an regular joe getting a chance to box the world champ and a shot at greatness.

Why not a statue of RoboCop for Detroit? A tale of a dytopic future where lawlessness rules the land and in the back pocket of a corrupt government.

Old movies can cast a nostalgic glow on just about any setting – even a struggling Rust Belt city such as Detroit.

That’s what a group of youthful idealists say they are hoping to do with a sculpture of, yes, Robocop – the hero of a 1980’s film of the same name in which a cop dies and is reborn as a cyborg in a dystopian Motor City.


  1. Mercy! - whose picking up the tab?

  2. There's an online drive to help with donations..

    But the city shouldn't. It's hurting enough without having to pony extra for a stupid statue.