Friday, February 4, 2011

"Their Fingerprints Are On The Pillows That Are Suffocating All Of Us"

Yesterday, the 'Common Cause' rally was highlighted here to show some of the hatred and vitriol and, quite frankly, violence that dwell in the hearts of their followers. Common Cause can't control those who wanted to appear at their rallies anymore than the Tea Parties can.

But what do the the organizers say about those who were invited to speak at a special discussion panel that used extensive rhetoric? "Fight to stop this evil"? Is that a metaphor or was fight meant in the literal sense of the word?

The real cause of their hate and violent rhetoric? (At least I only hope it's rhetorical.)

Global Warming, is there anything it can't do?

Actually, Global Warming is a small apart of it. "Evil" corporations are polluting the planet, causing the earth to overheat. Anti-Global Warming is just a root in the tree of Progressivism. Social Justice is another root that has a vague enough sounding name that it sounds like a good idea until you start to examine it. Give money to the poor from everyone who makes more than I do is what Social Justice is when stripped down to the bare bones.

I think the people in the video feel entitled to say those things because they consider themselves to be on the 'side' of everything that mighty and just. Clean air and water! Free health care! What kind of monster would oppose that sort of thing? Surely some sort of greedy-eyed hunchback who uses the blood of the poor to mix the cement in the foundation in order to build mansion plantation (sorry, forgot who I was talking about) would do such a thing. At least that's how I would imagine a conservative to appear if I went by their description alone from the video above. So of course if you are on the side of good, everything else will be bad and worthy of scorn and hate and violence.

Because, in their minds, they are the good guys.

Obviously this doesn't apply to all liberals but the most liberal of liberals. The kind who sign up for a Common Cause rally. A very vocal and violent sounding-- again, one only hopes they are speaking rhetorically-- minority.

The rest of the liberals are clueless dolts who haven't thought out their positions very well. They say, "Free stuff? Sure, sign me up!" without realizing that if everyone was promised cookies and lemonade, by the time it was distributed it would only be a couple of crumbs and a teaspoon of juice-- to paraphrase what Jesse Hughes said.

I think I've beaten the 'New Tone' thing to death with a tire iron (whoops, did it again, violent imagery). But its obvious to me that there was no 'New Tone'. It was only another way to tell conservatives and Republicans to shut up.

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