Friday, February 18, 2011

A Very Modest Proposal

One of the best ideas I've seen with the question about what to do about public schools.

The smartest thing to do with the entire big mess of public schools in the U.S. is to give them straight-out to the teachers. If they believe that their services are worth more and more money every year, let them prove it. Let them earn it. Let them make a payroll. Let them figure out how to compete in the marketplace of ideas and students.

Teachers deserve to own the schools, and to have a say in how their schools function. Let them be shareholders, let them be on the board of directors. Create companies and give the damned school buildings for free to them. Let the teachers vote on their own Board of Directors, CEO's, CFO's, salaries, and more. What the hell, give 'em all five years free of taxes.

Let them GO.

Be sure to read the entire thing because there is more than the bit about the schools.

More: Back in my days as a security system technician, the company I was with bent over backwards in order to get a chance to submit a job bid on a new high school being constructed.

The sheer number of hoops the project manager had to jump through in order for a chance to just place a bid was amazing to me.

And after everything was done, the bid went to a someone else. Nothing wrong with that-- all part of business-- but for about a month, the project manager's main focus was on that bid. Everything else got pushed off onto the rest of the staff. All for a chance to get at that sweet, sweet public school building fund.


  1. I'm totally cool with that, as long as we can make entrance requirements and parental involvement requirements for the schools too. While I understand that there are some really crappy teachers out there, the biggest problem lies with parents who don't care. Their kids come to school unfed, not well-rested, and with an attitude that school doesn't matter. I can do a lot in 6 hours a day, but I can't undo the other 18 hours that a kid is told that his education doesn't matter.

  2. I would assume that would mean that teachers have control in their classrooms as well. With regards to how they teach in there as well as who is admitted.

    The disruptive student would be given the boot and not be a distraction to the rest of the students.

    At that point, it may be a clue to their parent[s] to finally get involved if Junior keeps getting kicked out of schools.