Monday, February 7, 2011

What The White House Offered For Snacks During 'The Big Game'

On it's own, this shouldn't be that big of a deal. The White House offered the standard tailgating grub for the Super Bowl.

For his Super Bowl party Sunday evening, Obama is offering Yuengling Lager and Light, brewed in Pennsylvania, and Hinterland Pale Ale and Amber Ale, all the way from Wisconsin. Independents can pour down some White House Honey Ale if they like.

The rest of the menu for the 100 or so guests at the White House bash is tailgate-friendly even if served inside the Executive Mansion: bratwurst, kielbasa, cheeseburgers, deep-dish pizza and Buffalo wings with sides of German potato salad, twice-baked potatoes and assorted chips and dips.[Bold mine]

But when that menu of junk food is coupled with what Michelle Obama wants to do:

After wrapping her gigantor arms around the retail giant Wal-Mart and trying to cajole foodmakers into producing nutrition labels that are easier to understand, Michelle Obama has her sights set on a new target: the nation's restaurants.

A team of advisers to the First Lady has been holding private talks over the past year with the National Restaurant Association, a trade group, in a bid to get restaurants to adopt her goals of smaller portions and children's meals that include offerings healthier than French fries and soda, according to White House and industry officials.

That snippet may have been played with a little.

To paraphrase Pres. Reagan, if no one among us is able to control their own diet, then who among us has the capacity to control the diet of someone else?

Thanks to Sid.


  1. I so want to stand up and shout I love your blog and your point of views and what I see Mrs. Obama doing is trying to offer alternatives where there were none not that she is trying to tell anyone to eat certian things and nothing else this is only my opinion and hope that you do not find it to be offensive or wrong to share my thoughts

  2. . . .alternatives where there were none

    There are always alternatives when eating out..

    You can not eat at that restaurant. You can split the meal between two people. You can eat half and take the other half home for later in a doggie bag.

    There were always options to be had long before the First lady came onto the scene.

    Eating a well balanced diet is fine. There has been PSAs and TV shows done to death over it. Public curriculum has been centered over it.. Bush 41 has Arnie as his fitness Guru (Or whatever it was) in trying to make sure kids were healthy..

    Wanting kids to eat healthy and be fit is nothing new. Only the recent level of telling others how to fix their food has been new.

  3. And we have it on good anonymous authority that Moo-Shell, immediately before diving into this trough of culinary decadence, had just returned from a high level meeting at the National Restaurant Association where she lectured NRA executives on oversized serving portions at their members' establishments. Our NRA source claims also that he detected potato chip crumbs in her lap, and that she was wearing a purple pant suit.
    "Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"