Wednesday, March 16, 2011

One More Republican Senator Declares His Opposition To The Continuing Resolutions

Sen. Mike Lee of Utah says it's a losing strategy and taxation without representation (video of Sen. Lee at link to Cubachi).

Mike Lee joins Marco Rubio in support of passing a real budget, instead of this week by week nonsense that is being done now.

The Democrats failed to pass a budget at the start of the financial year so Congress have been reduced passing the short term CRs instead of an actual budget. But with passing the CRs, ObamaCare is being funded by hidden provision put in by the Democrats last year. So many Republicans are at a fork in the road. Take a principled stand call for a vote on a real budget or keep funding ObamaCare, a couple of weeks at at time.

The messaging should be easy enough for the budget. Keep pushing that the Democrats had control of both the House and Senate and failed to act and lead.

When the eventual question about a "Government Shutdown" is asked, reply back that it wouldn't have been necessary if the Democrats did their job last year and passed a budget instead of kicking the can down the road. Hammer home that message. If someone strays off point-- Lindsey Graham comes to mind as an example for no particular reason-- haul him off into some backroom and beat him with a pillowcase full of door knobs until he gets back on message. "A Government Shutdown wouldn't have been necessary if the Democrats did their Constitutional duty and pass a budget last year."

Oh yeah, Mike Lee is the (Tea Party) guy who took (Establishment) Bob Bennett out of the running last year in the state caucus.

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  1. This really should be viewed as a double bonanza by Republicans, at least conservatives. Not only did Dems fail to fund what they passed, they also put themselves over a barrel strategically if seen through straight thinking politically. I see no issues with a government shut down or defunding Obominationcare. One is what the last election cycle was about, the other IS (not spin) the fault of Democrats for not doing anything but pushing through what no one wanted.

    Unlike Sheen, this is win-win. A government shutdown, to many of us, makes it a win-win-win. Tiger blood indeed.