Friday, April 29, 2011

A Couple Of Notes About Trump

For all of the sound and fury about how the Birth Certificate is over nothing, it's worth noting that The Donald made The President blink over the issue.

Part of the reason why I think Trump was pushing the issue is that many people want someone to push back. Mitt Romney does it but he doesn't get any traction. Presumably because he doesn't go anywhere but Fox News to make his case*

Not picking on Mitt in particular but he was the first example that popped into mind.

In Trump's quest to be the text book example of the political populist, he's merely bomb-throwing. Not bad in and of itself but if he really wants to run for president, I think that person needs to be more. . . subtle in their approach.

There is a fine line to tread for conservatives running for president. One side is that they can't be too polarizing but yet they can't yield too much ground to the other side in terms of the argument. Ronald Reagan was the perfect example of that. With a small joke, he could slice his opponent's arm off and they wouldn't realize it until they tried to answer their cell phone later.

Anyway, when the leader of the free world backs down from a real estate developer with a bad comb-over, I would hate to think what would kind of capitulation would go on should Obama have to face down a real threat.

*A poor assumption on my part if in case he has gone on other networks. I'll cop to that much (Google? What's that?) but I think it's a safe guess. If he had and made his point, I'm pretty sure it would have been in the subtext of the blogosphere and more people would be comfortable in saying that he's their guy if he can handle the clowncar that is PMSNBC. But I digress.

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