Saturday, May 7, 2011

This Is Disturbing On So Many Levels

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I get the playing with Legos-- because, well, Legos rock-- but the rest is. . .

Like any other baby, Stanley sleeps in a crib, wears diapers, and loves nothing better than being comforted by his mother as she bottle feeds him.

Except Stanley Thornton is 30-years-old - and his 'mother' is really his room-mate.

Mr Thornton seeks comfort in being treated like a baby, a condition known as paraphilic infantilism.

The 'adult baby' lives out his fantasies at his California apartment, where he has built himself a giant crib, play pen and even a man-sized high chair.

Wait, it gets better.

In 2000, he started website for other 'adult babies', where members can find 'mothers or 'babies', and tips on where to buy diapers.

According to his website, he used to work as a security guard, but had an accident and now claims disability benefit for a heart condition.

He first began his return to childhood when he was 14, as a way of coping when he started wetting the bed after being abused as a boy.

He was abused as a boy so to retreat, he pretends to be a baby again? I think he's past therapy at this point. On one hand, I feel a little bit sorry for him because abuse can mess someone up in the head. Obviously. But on the other. He didn't confront what happened to him, he ran and hide from it. And is still running.

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  1. I think those Legos are a choking hazard.