Friday, June 24, 2011

Clearing Out The Browser Tabs And Kicking Out The Cobwebs

Been sitting on this for over a month but every time I read it, I'm still flabbergasted. Noxious windbag Ed Schultz wants to know why there aren't any country songs glamorizing Pres. Obama.

I blame the drug wars for this: Home chemistry kit now comes with no chemicals in said kit. It's more of a chemistry shopping list/tease ("Here is what you could be doing if you had the actual tools at hand"). Why not charge to download a list of items a kid needs? Too many DEA agents look at little curious Johnny's chemistry kit and suspects him to be a meth dealer.

If you like your insurance, you can keep it. If not, just make less money to qualify for free health care.

This is the end game for ObamaCare. To make the current system unaffordable for employers, (by making everyone buy the same approved gold star plan across the board) they would dump their plans and force employees to fend for health coverage for themselves seeing how it would be mandatory by law to be covered.

If there is ever an argument about dropping the prisoners in Club Gitmo off in the middle of the ocean from a flying C-130 5000 feet above sea level it's these three words: Weaponized body fluids.

Is Hank Reardon alive and well, living in the Detroit area? Thanks to Matt for finding that tidbit.

Finally, this was one of a few complaints that I had about Pres. Bush. Tax money for charities and churches sound like a good idea at first but who decides which charity gets what?

It also makes churches beholding to the government. Gay marriage will be the keystone on this issue. If a church is accepting public funding then what strings are attached? A church can say they aren't going to perform gay marriages but yet accepts funding, that funding could be revoked and then the church will be left on its own (as it should). At that point, we'll see if the church submits itself to the rule of the government or if it will make a stand.

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