Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Special Message Just For Paleo Pat

This is a bit of inside blogging baseball but the message needs to get out. The blog will return to its normal incoherent self soon.

The easiest way to become a pariah on the right side of the blogosphere is to go after Michelle Malkin. Which is what Paleo Pat did. The background information about Paleo Pat or Chuck Adkins or whatever else he goes by this week.

Charles Patrick Adkins is an asshat. That is all.

Update: The word has gotten around.


  1. Not just an asshat or a pariah, either. He's a racist, antisemitic loser.
    I find it particularly amusing that he claims to be unemployed since 2005 "thanks to the bad economy." Which was fine in 2005, IIRC (and I do remember correctly!). F'ing loser!!!

  2. Thanks for the links on Chuck.

    When I saw he was commenting again at Stacy's under a different name, I decided to take him on, because I will never forgive him for calling Stace a Neo-Confederate and white supremacist. Until this posting, I hadn't realized just how really sick this bastard is - wow.

    1. OMG I knew he was messed up, but I had no idea how far back his evil sickness went! I did some research, it goes back a full decade and then some. Wow. And he had just asked to be put in the blogroll at my new place yesterday. Not gonna happen.