Friday, June 3, 2011

Weinergate: Brett Favre And Anthony Weiner In A Tale Of Two Pics

As a quarterback in high school and in college, Brett Favre didn't lack in attention from the opposite sex. In fact, I'm pretty sure he didn't have to do much to get a girlfriend. Just be the star player on the team. No need to really develop a love language or even personality. His entire game plan has been him mumbling, "Hey, I'm Brett Favre."

So when he was turned down by a very attractive sideline reporter, his game was thrown and he had to resort to Plan B. Which because Plan A worked so well, Plan B was still to beg and plead with the girl like when he was 14 and just discovering girls. And if that wouldn't impress them the miracle of texting pictures might. And pretty much everyone knows the rest of that story.

Which brings us to Anthony Weiner. Obviously he wasn't a high school jock.

In fact, I'm pretty sure that with the last name of 'Weiner' and wearing that turtleneck in a yearbook picture lent itself to no end of ridicule at Weiner's expense. Some might even say that Weiner has a chip on his shoulder from it still.

Anyway, instead of sports, Weiner sought out a very different path in life. That of politics and power. In fact, if it wasn't for his political connections, he wouldn't have married a woman who was way out of his league.

Power is seductive. Especially someone who was considered to be in a 'safe' seat like his. In New York city where-- and I say this with certitude-- has a lifetime job should he want it, power corrupts when there is no need for a check or balance in the form of someone running against you.

Then couple that with his history of chasing women, his habit of following good looking babes on Twitter, would it be that much of a stretch of the imagination for him to have been sexting Gennette Nicole Cordova and accidentally send a picture of his crotch public instead of sending it private?

It can be said that both Favre and Weiner have had 'success' with the ladies. Just not when they need to communicating with them.

Related: I call dibs on the headline, "Weiner Pulls Out" should he have to cancel.

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