Friday, June 3, 2011

Weinergate: Weiner Pulls Out. . .

. . . Of the state Democratic convention in Wisconsin where he was scheduled to speak.

"He decided to spend the weekend begging and pleading with his wife to stand by his side at the inevitable news conference" said state chair Mike Tate.

I may have played with that quote a little. But I think most people were able to see between the lines. Thanks to Lance for the heads up.

My hope for this is that it will dog him for the rest of his career. That when someone hears Anthony Weiner, they will think of a dick pic going out on Twitter. The same way if someone hears the name Richard Gere, they think, "Gerbil".

By the way: Is this really the actions of an innocent person? He was violated on a virtual level but that's just a 'Prank'. No need to press charges against the person who tried to defame his reputation.

But when a member of the press stops by for a comment for his constituents, the cops are called.


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