Tuesday, July 12, 2011

For Those Of You Who Live In CA-36, Don't Forget To Vote Tomorrrow

Unless you're planning on voting for Janice Hahn then her vote is Wednesday.

Turn Right has more of the details about Hahn and how she pissed away millions of tax dollars.

There is one day left before the special election runoff for the 36th California Congressional seat. Tomorrow, the people will vote.

We call on all members of the conservative media – local and national – to put aside, for just one day, their usual concerns to let their audiences know the following:

That Janice Hahn is another corruptocrat in the tradition of Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and the rear-guard of the Democrat Party – George Soros, Jane Harman, and others of such ilk.

That no one who believes in free speech should ever support a politician who resorts to purchasing the local media, death threats, hackers, “Cease and Desist” letters, intimidation, and thuggery to hide her sordid past and criminally incompetent mismanagement.

The more I find out about Janice Hahn, the more it's apparent that she needs to be kept out of office and away from any kind of political power.

Thanks to Stacy McCain who has more about the story.

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