Tuesday, July 19, 2011

To Bring You Up To Date About The Debt Crisis

I don't like using the word, 'Crisis' because the debt problem was too obvious for too long to too many. 'Crisis' are buzzwords many politicians like to use in order to pass things they normally can't during normal times.

But the people who caused the crisis are trying to fix it. Which in any other scenario would appropriate except this is the US Congress.

Anyway, Big Government has this to bring you up to speed on the issue:

f you have been getting information from the mainstream media you may think tea partiers are forcing Republicans in Congress to; cut the budget so much people will be forced to push grandma’s wheelchair off a cliff or, are trying force the country into default guaranteeing Obama won’t be reelected.

Not true! It’s all about not having too many mouths to feed.

The debt ceiling’s the congressionally approved amount the federal government can borrow. The ceiling is currently set at $14.294 trillion. The country’s debt hit that figure on May 16 and we are currently approaching $14.6 trillion in debt. Thanks to some “re-arranging,” the Treasury Department says we won’t “run out of money” until August 2.
[. . .]
Our debt problem has been kicked down the road by both parties for too long, if not fixed soon according to the CBO; there will be “too many mouths to feed.”

The debt has become a big issue, not solely to the tea party but for the mainstream voting public.

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