Saturday, July 9, 2011

WeinerGate: Follow The Money

This is a bit old but the first I've seen it was the other day.

Throughout the WeinerGate ordeal, it was always confusing to me why he was hung out to dry. Usually the MSM wagons come out to put up an impenetrable circle around the democrat until the scandal blows away. As the case with any Democrat, it comes down to money.

Weiner is known as a lone wolf in the Democratic caucus and has a history of failing to pay his dues to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Members are required to contribute based on a scale taking into account factors like time in Congress, whether a member is in leadership and the lawmaker's campaign needs.

Failure to pay greatly annoys the party's leadership, which counts on the funds to help members and candidates in tough races.

Weiner, now a seven-term incumbent, has been assessed $200,000 in dues for at least the last two election cycles, according to DCCC dues sheets provided to The Hill.

In 2010, as his party was bracing for a GOP wave, Weiner had paid only $15,000 by mid-September and he’d raised only about $56,000 for the committee out of his required $250,000. Weiner did, however, bring in almost $200,000 for members in the Democrats' endangered incumbents' program.

Weiner was a blowhard who made the blogosphere rounds because of his outbursts but that wasn't enough for the much needed support from the party leadership.

It's obvious by now that Weiner was out only for Weiner.

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