Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Man Shot In Arm By Union Member And Back-To-School Shoppers But Mostly Union Member

The shooter also scratched the word, "Scab" on the victim's car. If it was a smash and grab, they wouldn't stop to key their name on the side of the SUV.

The victim was also a very successful owner of a non-union electrical shop. Tell me again how it isn't supposed to be intimidation?

Last Wednesday, however, the attacks on Mr. King became much more serious when he was awakened late in the evening at his home in Monroe County, Michigan and saw that the motion lights in his driveway had come on. When he looked out his front window, he saw a figure near his SUV and went outside.

As soon as he got outside his front door, King yelled at the individual who was crouched down by King’s vehicle. As soon as King yelled, the suspect stood and, without hesitation, fired a shot at Mr. King.

Luckily for King, as he yelled, he also stumbled. If it weren’t for that, however, John King’s injuries might have been much, much worse. In fact, he might have been killed.

Upon scrambling back into his house, King got to his cell phone and called 911. However, due to the pain in his knees and shoulder from falling, King was unaware that he had been shot in the arm.

Legal Insurrection, Red State and Ace have more.

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