Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"Nobody Hate's Republicans Right Now More Than Conservatives"

With the budget being passed today-- albeit over 800 days late-- not too many people are going to know the outcome of it. Naturally, the bill has to be passed in order to find out what's it in to paraphrase Nancy Pelosi.

I'll admit, I've been a bit out of pocket for most of the day so what I hear was only a 3 second blurb at the top of the hour.

I do have a nasty suspicion that the bill is a definite compromise (where both parties walk away feeling screwed but thinking the other guy was screwed over more so) than a good old fashion barter (where both parties walk away feeling richer than before).

No final wisdom (Wisdom? Here? HA!) just the link to The Other McCain's place for this:

You might think a notoriously reckless driver like Hunter S. Thompson would have wised up to this Clintonian scam, but his deep-in-the-bones hereditary hatred of Republicans was incurable. And I’ve often wished I’d had the chance to meet the guy and explain to him what I’ve come to understand: Becoming a conservative doesn’t mean you have to quit hating Republicans.

In fact, looking around the blogosphere — or listening to Mark Levin on the radio — the past few days, I’d dare say nobody hates Republicans right now more than conservatives do.

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