Friday, August 5, 2011

Public Unions In Wisconsin Now Find Their Coffers Slowly Being Drained

Given a choice in the matter and 30 - 50% of their membership have pocketed their money.

Go figure:

Leaders of the major unions say it’s too early to talk about how many are paying by writing checks or arranging automatic withdrawals from bank accounts, but two locals contacted by the State Journal reported early successes and continuing efforts to win 100 percent participation.

The local representing Jefferson County highway workers reported 70 percent are on board with a $35 a month payment, while just under half of Grant County support service workers have chipped in the $35 to $40 a month their local has requested. [Bold mine]

Be sure to read the rest.

If the root of the fight over public unions in Wisconsin wasn't obvious enough to begin with, it should be crystal clear now. It wasn't over worker's rights. It wasn't over their claims of Gov. Walker trying to establish himself as a dictator or anything else equally absurd. It was about one thing.


Because the unions pay the dues, the union heads funnel those dues to Democrat candidates and the Democrats enable the unions. It's a vicious circle.

No matter how much they decry the 'evils of money' and hoist themselves as the champion the 'little man', they cling to money like a deer tick on a hunting dog's leg.

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