Monday, August 8, 2011

Video: Allen West's Response To John (Who Served In Vietnam) Kerry's Statement On The "Tea Party Downgrade"

Late Friday, Standard & Poor downgraded the country's credit and like clockwork, the usual suspects came out and blamed the Tea Party for it. Even a moron was able to foresee this.

What happened with the Tea Party was rhetoric. No bills passed with the full support of the Tea Party faction in Congress. The budget that finally was passed and was signed by Obama was a bipartisan bill.

That is what S & P was responding to. It's asinine to think otherwise. Which explains John Kerry.

Which brings us to today with Rep. Allen West.

My favorite take away from the clip? When West is talking about Timothy Geithner: "When you open that refrigerator door, the lights don't come on."

John Kerry (who served in Vietnam) is shoveling the usual crap Democrats like to do. He's voted in the past to increase spending time and time again and when the over-spending catches up with him, he cries out that taxes need to be raised to keep up. It's disingenuous and disgusting but what do you expect out of guy who dumps his rich wife for an even richer wife?

The Camp of the Saints has a pretty good round up about just Who is John At-Fault, including this from Protein Wisdom:

That the establishment GOP seems feckless in its attempts to get its message across is part of the Big Government kabuki dance: neither Republicans or Democrats who have become part of the career ruling class have any real desire to shrink government. The Republicans are willing to slow its growth occasionally — and they do believe in lower taxes; but as the Bush years should have taught us, they’re just as willing to spend as the Democrats, because giving gifts with other people’s money — and being praised for it — is the absolute easiest form of cheap grace on earth.

The entire establishment political class is corrupt. And it has declared open war against those Americans still left who believe in fiscal responsibility and a constitutional check on federal powers. Both the establishment Republicans and the Democrats (and their ancillary and parasitic attendants in the media and the inside-the-beltway political machinery) have shown themselves immediately willing to scapegoat the one anti-big government faction willing to insist on making the difficult choices necessary to save the country from the bloated, cynical, complacent pig class who presumes to run it in our name — though never in the way we wish. And that’s because party doesn’t really matter any longer, as I’ve been saying for years now.

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