Thursday, August 4, 2011

Video: Chuck Schumer Uses 'Gun To The Head' Rhetoric In Press Conference

It's official: The "Hostage Taking" meme is the narrative in the Democrat Party. It obviously polled well in their focus groups.

Am I the only one who finds Schumer irony impaired? He's one who has vociferously argued for raising taxes on people. Using the point of the federal government's arm to extort money from the populace.  Yet has no problems saying that the Republicans are holding a gun to his head.  Projection isn't just a river in the desert. 

The "New Tone" not only dead, it was reanimated back to life then killed again, used a voodoo spell to bring it back as a zombie only to be dammed back to hell, summoned back to life if only to have someone splash it with holy water to exorcise it back to Hades then found it's reincarnated form only to kill it again.  And the cycle begins anew. 

Chuck U. Schumer is to civility is what Arthur Dent is to Agrajag. Except Schumer is well aware of what he is doing.

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  1. Watch how Sen. Reid, even while Schumer is blathering on, keeps hold of the lectern. Interesting body language, don't you think?

  2. Someone has to remind Schumer that he isn't in charge.