Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Short Round Up Of Reviews From Premier Week

Premier Week came and went this year with not too many standouts.

On Monday, they put the lid on the coffin regarding Charlie Sheen's character on Two and a Half Men. Literary. After the premier, I'm not sure how long that show has left in it. I don't know the viewing numbers but I'm betting it's just a look in to see what has happened and how the show will carry on.

The Sing Off
, however, always seems to show some promise and entertaining musical numbers (Yeah, take my man card. I'm not using it).

Didn't see much on Tuesday or Wednesday night.

For Thursdays, Gray's Anatomy is back. It's about the same as it always has been.

Friday, didn't check out anything.

Saturday, I watched the Law and Order: SVU premier. I think the writers aren't even trying anymore. They'll read about one event in the paper, inject some wishcasting in how they envision a liberal world would work and stir.

It started out with a well groomed man in an expensive suit getting ready to leave his hotel suite. It should have been obvious to most anyone that the plot was a redo of Dominique Strauss-Kahn's allegations that he raped a hotel maid. That and all the detectives are incredible pricks to anyone they happen to be questioning.

And I felt kinda obligated to check out Saturday Night Live. It started out okay. Some good laughs with the cold open of the "7th or 8th- Republican Debate".

It tapered done from there. The funniest bit was after the opening monologue with their 'commercial' of Red Flag by Chanel.

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