Friday, May 18, 2012

Someone Call The Wahbulance!

Because conservatives are taking over Twitter hash tags to make fun of Obama and Gonzalo Cordova isn't going to stand for it.

So instead of pointing out what's funny and what isn't (simple word play, what's funnier?  Fender or bumper?  Normally bumper is funnier but fender is usually better) he just points out a few jokes that fell flat or some that he just did not get.  Which-- as a writer for Comedy Central-- is a bit below his paygrade. 

Countless blogs have already done that for free.  

What a good comedy writer would have done is shown where the funny was and maybe even thrown in a few jokes himself.  After all, even Gonzalo said that:  Everyone in power deserves to be ridiculed.

Unless they are doing their best to carry water for the super cool, hip and sassiest president evah!  Then no ridicule is needed.

Thanks to Beth for the find. 

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