Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Worth Repeating.

I posted this a while ago, just because it looked so damn good and crispy and baconlicious I had to repost it when I started to co-blog on Conservatives For Palin. Today, I received an email telling me to check out this:

The Bacon Explosion posting has since been viewed about 390,000 times. It first found a following among barbecue fans, but quickly spread to sites run by outdoor enthusiasts, off-roaders and hunters. (Several proposed venison-sausage versions.) It also got mentions on the Web site of Air America, the liberal radio network, and National Review, the conservative magazine. Jonah Goldberg at NationalReview.com wrote, “There must be a reason one reader after another sends me this every couple hours.” Conservatives4palin.com linked, too.

From the New York Times no less.

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