Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Belated St. Patricks Day Tribute

Even if it is a day late, I'll try to keep up with the theme.

Two Irishmen, Patrick and Ben, were working on a road outside near a house of ill repute.

At one point during the day, they see a car pull up and the local Baptist minister walk out, look nervously about, and walk into the brothel only to leave about twenty minutes later.

Ben taps Patrick on the arm and points the minister out, saying, "Would you look at that? That minister stopping in there to sow his seeds. With his wife and children at home too."


A short time passed and another car pulled up. This time a Rabbi gets out, looks around, then hurries inside. After about 30 minutes, he walks out, gets into his car and leaves.

"Patrick, can you believe that? That Rabbi stopping in there. He's doing his wife and synagogue shame, he is."


As the day starts to draw to a close, one last car slowly drives into the parking lot. A priest gets out, takes off his clerical collar, and sprints inside.

"Patrick, take off your hat. One of those poor girls in there must have died."

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