Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Zogby Announces New Poll - Continuing Trend in Rasmussen

From a report in the Boston Herald it looks like trouble looming in the polls for Obama:

Poll of change: Obama’s job approval slipping to ‘50-50’

The honeymoon is over, a national poll will signal today as President Obama’s job approval stumbles to about 50 percent over the lack of improvement with the crippled economy.

The sobering numbers come as the president backpedals from two prime-time gaffes - one comparing his bowling score to a Special Olympian and another awkwardly laughing about the economy, which prompted Steve Kroft of “60 Minutes” to ask “are you punch-drunk?”

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And from Rasmussen Reports we also see a continuing trend:

You can see the Rasmussen Reports trend here.

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