Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I asked, I received.

Someone has to mention it. There was no end to the amount of jokes at Pres. Bush's usage of the word, 'strategery'. So when Obama can't even pronounce one of the most popular star constellation, damn straight he is going to be called out on it. Pundette has more but the TOTUS should have the final word in it all.

Thanks for the link, Nauta's Sapientia.


  1. Ha ha... he checks with Neil to make sure he pronounced his name correctly, then proceeds to go on and mispronounce Orion about 30 times.

    What a doink.

    (Also, I don't think Bush ever actually seriously said "strategery"... that was Will Ferrell *as* Bush. Afterwards, Bush said it (because he has a sense of humor and isn't a prissy little jerk...)

  2. I know W. was not the world's most eloquent speaker. And 'Strategery' was the one word that stuck out in my mind.

    But you are right about him. He did have a good sense of humor about it. Didn't mind the self-deprecating joke or two. Much in the same vein as Reagan, in that respect.