Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bloggers And The Big Bucks

I'm not sure what Robert Stacy and Little Miss Attila are complaining about. My blog bucks are rolling in fine. In fact, I think the numbers's are a bit on the low end. How else could I have taken an extended weekend off and visited Kiawah Island?

In hindsight though, it was right after the Richmond Tea Party. I had to meet with Dick Army and Newt and debrief them on how well the astroturfed event went over. It's amazing how cleaned up a horde of homeless folks can be after a promised bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 and a Big Mac value meal. It was more expensive getting them clothes from Goodwill to make them look presentable. But cost is no object when you are going for appearance.

See, astroturfing is easy.

Anyway, back at the resort. Sean Hannity showed up and we went for a round of golf. Then -- like any evil good Republican -- the ritualistic sacrifice of a goat. Then more golf.

Right now we are working on the new subliminal messages Fox News will be sending out to the few people in the crowds that weren't homeless. The obvious message will be, "Keep on watching Fox News". The others will make themselves obvious soon enough.

Enough of the evil good plans that Republicans have cooked up. Conservatives have no independent thought and need to be told what to think. And I'm just the blogger to relay the marching orders I'm taking from the mysterious right wing conspiracy.


Thanks for the reminder, Miss Attila.

Paco has more examples of blogging greed.


  1. Love it.

    Curious as to where the related post went. I was in the middle of reading it when I lost my internet connection, and now the Mr. McCain-as-Uncle Scrooge comparison seems to have disappeared. Was it something like the "cotton" comment? :-)

  2. I did add a quick update (the nefarious villain laugh) the same time I got your comment..

  3. Don't forget the lynching, the raping, and the beating, all between holes of golf. Dave, it wouldn't be right if you didn't put that in there. Newt loves that stuff. Remember during that beating of that homeless veteran and he had blood all over him and we were all like totally serious and angry, white-male style, and then he was the first to crack a joke? Breaks things up. Good ole' Newt. You know, sometimes, I think things are going to turn out just right.