Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Hot Conservative Blond From California?

Who knew?

More than just a pretty face too. Of course I'm talking about both Megyan Kelly and Carry Prejean.

UPDATE: And speaking of pretty faces...

UPDATE II: More on the history and the fallout of the event.


  1. Damn. Everytime I see headlines like that I think someones talking about ME. Then, I remember that I dyed my hair, am no longer from California, and well, the hot part I'm going to leave alone...

  2. I've watched the video about 8 times now and every time I've lost focus on what they are saying. For some odd reason..

  3. Ahhh, sweet irony.

    That creepy little toad stole her crown because he didn't like her answer, and now she's far more famous than if she had won.

    And, he's shown just how vicious liberals can be.

    Suck on THAT, Perez.

  4. You get the feeling that Megyn Kelly (soon to be a mom!) is taking a good look at Carrie Prejean, and is trying to be nice to her eventual replacement at Fox!

    Looks like you're stuck with us, Carrie.