Friday, April 24, 2009

An Odd Assortment Of Neat, Keen And Geeky Items

Ever wanted to build a house to block the view of someone else's home?

Want to see some real earth movers? It's worth the look purely for size of this machine.

Click the picture to see what else is wrong.

With her very own stripper pole. Tramp Stamp Barbi!

Some new golf lingo has entered into the lexicon when I'm not even up on the old lingo. It's all new to me.
A 'Rock Hudson' - a putt that looked straight, but wasn't.
A 'Yasser Arafat' - butt ugly and in the sand.
A 'John Kennedy Jr.' - didn't quite make it over the water.
A 'Princess Grace' - should have used a driver.
A 'Princess Di' - shouldn't have used the driver.
A 'Brazilian' - shaved the hole.
There are a few more worth checking out.

Not sure how many grams of fat there is and I don't want to know. But a 1.66 pound hamburger makes me want go to the ballpark. The appetizer for a meal like that? The Bacon Explosion.

Don't bother unless you are serious about being funny. To the point where you deconstruct words for their maximum effect. What's funnier, 'fender' or 'bumper'? John Cleese of Monty Python fame helps out with ten points (Rules? Guidelines? Really, which is better?) for successful comedy.

A robot with the brains of a rat. Actual, literal brains of a rat (It was published last year but it's new to me).

And as promised. The geeky item. I requested Free Bird for the next tune.

Thanks to Ace for the Bohemian Rhapsody video.

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