Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tea Party Eve

Round Up.

Do not forget to donate if you can't make it. This might be a vast right wing conspiracy but the people running it are cheap bastards. Expecting us to volunteer all our time and energy for free. Is a new laptop computer too much to ask for?

Michelle has been right on top of the Tea Parties. Even with this warning about 'right wing extremists groups' from the DHS. And the Tea Party Crashers, noticeably less funny than the Wedding Crashers.

Worth the read from the American Spectator.

P & P have a clip of David Shuster making an ass of himself. Or as Shuster calls it, Tuesday. After listening to the clip a couple of times, it's crap a late night talk show host would say. Did his script get mixed up with Jon Stewart's?

And this is the best Tea Party sign I've seen in a while.

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