Thursday, June 11, 2009

Roseanne Barr Struggles To Keep Roseanne Barr's Name In The News

Roseanne Barr use to have a top rated TV show on ABC. Last I knew, she was pitching a reality show of her pitching a sitcom to TV networks. I'm pretty sure it was canceled before the first episode aired.

So how does a burned out, has been try to stay relevant? By claiming Obama has moved to the center of the political spectrum.

MILLER (28:35): How are you liking the new Obama Presidency?

BARR: I don’t at all. I just don’t at all. If you want to know what I think, go to read my blog, And I don’t at all. Basically his speech, his you know joke of a speech.


BARR: Huh? Because it’s just Bush Doc... continuing, Bush Doctine with absolutely no change at all. It’s very frightening.

MILLER: How do you figure? I thought the tone was completely different.

BARR: He said nothing.

MILLER: He said nothing?

BARR: He said absolutely nothing. No, he didn’t.

MILLER: What were you hoping for?

BARR: I was hoping for you know some change. Remember the reason why the guy got voted in? I was hoping for some change and for it to start there in the Middle East because that’s why everything in the world is screwed up including our economy. Instead, he said from here we’re going to grandfather in all of these old settlements. They’ll stay in place. But, you know in the future maybe we won’t allow anymore settlements. This is after what they just did in Gaza over there. They’re (Israel) never held responsible for you know war crimes and this government backs and it makes me sick.

MILLER: But yeah. He’s (Obama) clearly taking a lot stronger line with Israel then previous administrations.

BARR: No he’s isn’t! He hasn’t demanded one. He uses strong rhetoric. He talks harsh and carries the smallest stick in the world. He doesn’t do anything. He hasn’t even you know, don’t get me started.

To Barr's credit, she does recognize the flowery speech that Obama spews forth. Albeit a bit late to the game in that epiphany.

There's more at the link and the audio from the show as well. Is it Schadenfreude to listen to her complain?

Via Memeorandum.

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