Friday, October 23, 2009

Yet Another Video Of Children Singing About Barack Obama: Cowbell Edition

This stands out above the others. For one thing there's the cowbell. The other is it's been edited rather nicely.

So how many more of videos like this are out there? Besides this and this and even this (while not children but grown people praying to Obama)?

I'm sure that those educators would be teaching their pupils the similar songs if John McCain would have won the election instead of Barack. So nothing to worry. And all those songs praising George W. Bush that have been seen these last 8 years as well. I'll post those as soon as I find them, you betcha.

Anyway, it's not the kids singing the songs, it's the educators who are teaching them. To blindly follow and sing the praises of someone is disconcerting to say the least.

There's nothing wrong with role models for life's goals but there's a difference between admiring someone's accomplishments and outright worship of a man. Drinking Gatorade because Micheal Jordan does it is one thing. Drinking the cup of juice that Rev. Jim Jones hands out to everyone is quite another.

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