Monday, January 25, 2010

Shake Up In Delaware

The Nation is saved from a Biden legacy.

Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, son of Vice President Beau Biden, e-mailed supporters on Monday morning to say that he will not seek his father’s Senate seat, a blow to the Democratic Party.

Kennedy, Bush and the Clintons are enough of a 'legacy'. Joe Biden, of all people, doesn't need one.

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  1. Does V.P. Biden realize he HAS as son? Or, perhaps more, what a son means? I think the Coach in Cheers had a few levels of natural understanding over Biden. I guess there is more than one quota in office.

    I am not at all surprised he isn't running. First, Democrats are running scared. They know what has happened, their coup failed. Secondly, how could a man run while, on top of the Democrat melt down, his father is kept in an office somewhere, very possibly tied and gagged, after his own help in exposing incompetency in the party, the parties real goals and aims, and the blatant corruption within politics? Kim Jong-il comes to mind, and that doesn't work in nations where the vote is actually counted and then used (mostly).